Our Cafe  and Creative Space

Who We Are

The Renewal Center is the center for prophetic Christ-centered thought, voice, art and action.  The center offers a flexible working space for people who seek to fellowship, create, innovate and engage in dialogue leading to discovery and development, thus maximizing purpose and potential.  The space is a hospitable cafe atmosphere that contains a quiet, thought room (library) for study, an action room for planning and strategy work, a digital media production room for creative content design and develoipment, and an art/voice room for creative expression and generation of fresh ideas. 

What We Do

The Renewal Center leads in coalition and collaboration-building among municipalities, the faith and non-profit community, and business sector.  Our center offers thought leadership for organizational, personal and social renewal, lectures, continuing education and small groups  to equip citizens for service in  society. We contribute to the public discourse on issues of concern and advocate for human dignity, recognizing that each person is created in the imagine and likeness of God.

Core Values 

The Renewal Center values  are the following:
Revealing Christ through hospitality, love and the prophetic words and life of Christ
Renewing Minds through learning dialogue, discourse, discussion and development,
Restoring Lives through transformational leadership, family health and wellness
Reforming Culture through personal and organizational creativity, innovation and thought leadership