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Just Add Water
by Carmela Head on December 27th, 2023
Type your new text here. By Pastor Carmela E. HeadIn junior high school and in high school, I participated in basketball, track, and field. For those who have done the same, I know that you can relate to the vigorous practices and the weekly games. For basketball, the sound of the whistle inaugurated the commencement of a new game. The ball was tossed into the air for a jump shot, and we were off!...  Read More
Marching Orders
by Carmela Head on November 28th, 2023
Marching Orders:  To Sights ForeknownBy Pastor Carmela E. HeadThe Renewal CenterNoah.  I remember hearing and learning of the Bible story of Noah’s ark when I was a little girl. The picture of the enormous rugged and rustic wooden ark always seems to come up in mind when I think of that story.  The most vivid picture has always been the animals entering the ark two by two.  I even remembered singi...  Read More
by Carmela Head on February 28th, 2023
The Place in the MiddleSeeking God In The MeantimeBy Pastor Carmela E. HeadThe Renewal CenterWe all seem to know that one person who seems to have a knack for patience.  It seems that they have been given an extra ounce of grace in the area of tolerance.  I know several people who exercise a great level of calmness while waiting for answers.  That is sometimes a great place to be: “cool, calm and ...  Read More
DAYBREAK MANNA: Awakening To The Mysteries Of God
by Carmela Head on January 27th, 2023
DAYBREAK MANNAAwakening To The Mysteries of GodWritten by Pastor Carmela E. HeadThe Renewal CenterThere’s something very refreshing that happens at daybreak; that new sound that comes from the free-flying birds chirping a new melody, a hushing of the wind that greets us at the door, a subtle brightness that sweeps across the morning sky, or perhaps a calm that settles within the neighborhood. Noth...  Read More
What's With The Stain?
by Carmela Head on September 27th, 2022
Type your new text here. What’s With The Stain?Written by Pastor Carmela E. HeadThe Renewal Center“What is with this stain? I can’t seem to get it out!”  Sounds familiar doesn’t it?  I can remember countless times when I have purchased a garment only to find an ingrained stain that is far beyond removing.  Have you experienced this?  I am very sure we all have encountered such frustration where we...  Read More