Marching Orders

Marching Orders:  To Sights Foreknown
By Pastor Carmela E. Head
The Renewal Center

Noah.  I remember hearing and learning of the Bible story of Noah’s ark when I was a little girl. The picture of the enormous rugged and rustic wooden ark always seems to come up in mind when I think of that story.  The most vivid picture has always been the animals entering the ark two by two.  I even remembered singing many songs about Noah’s Ark. And, even with the elementary principles of learning about Noah, his family and the voyage they took, there is such a revelatory meaning within this story that we can glean from today.
The recorded story of Noah, within itself in the book of Genesis, is a very short one; however, there are many big lessons that we learn from it. Noah received marching orders!

Marching orders? Yes, marching orders. He received instructions, a plan and a mandate from God to do something which in Noah’s mind could have been considered to be unorthodox.  With marching orders from God, himself, he pioneered and eventually created something that absolutely no one had ever heard of.  An ark. Up till that time, an ark wasn’t even heard of or thought of; however, it was already in the mind of God that this necessary vessel, which was ultimately foreknown, was needed to be constructed and completed for God’s ultimate plan.

I must have reread this story multiple times. This time the Lord gave me a revelation about marching orders.  Marching orders are always given in the form of an assignment to be completed.  There are cases where the recipient of the orders is aware of the pre-planning process and that’s a bonus, because human nature always wants to be in the know.  There always tends to be that nagging feeling when we don’t have all the pre-planned details.

The story begins with God identifying Noah as being the only one who walked closely with Him. Noah was blameless before God. At that time, God shared with Noah the condition of the attitudes and lifestyles of people of that time and then He spoke to Noah, gave him instructions on what to build and the details on how to build the ark. Noah immediately took the instructions and began to implement and execute. (Genesis 6 : 9- 22)

I can only imagine what that would have been like: to build this gigantic ark, put my family, rally up animals, pack in food and supplies, close the door and wait for an outpour of rain that would last for forty days and forty nights. It would seem unorthodox to me.  Who knows what Noah may have been thinking then.

Oftentimes, we receive marching orders to pioneer, implement, or even create something that has never been done before.  Revelation may come through our time in prayer, in our time of worship, devotion, or even through a word of knowledge.  However, the revelation comes, it has already been foreknown by our God who is omniscient.
A wondrous scripture in Psalms 147:  4 – 5 tells us of His omniscience:
He determines the number of the stars; he gives to all of them their names. Great is our Lord, and abundant in power; his understanding is beyond measure.

He knows the outcome. He holds the blueprint of the instructions and the details of how to build, how to execute, and how to create.  The ark was never heard of before, nor seen before, but it was in the mind of God beforehand.

Noah, in his surrender to God, took his marching orders and proceeded to build a vessel of great magnitude under the obedience of God. It seemed unorthodox but God had a plan.
Your marching orders may seem unorthodox to you. You may have something in your hand to create that has never been used or looked upon before.  Know that when God’s revelation will be manifested through your willingness to march in, march through and march on in the direction in which the instructions lead you.  

It may be "sights unknown" to us, but He has already known the divine path he has designed for us to take.  

Job 23:10 says, “But he knows where I am going. And when he tests me, I will come out as pure as gold.

Keep marching to sights foreknown!

Copyright 2023 Carmela E. Head

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