TUNED-IN! Are You Listening In On God Frequency?

"Sometimes, it will take us to intentionally STOP, listen, and directly tune into what Holy Spirit is sharing with us so that we can get a fresh download and his instructions. "

TUNED-IN!  Are You Listening In On God's Frequency?

Written by Pastor Carmela E Head
The Renewal Center 

In my opinion, one of the most agitating sound is the sound of the roaring static on the radio dial. I have come to know that even if it is one point away in frequency from the accurate station, there is still the annoying sound of the station going in and out.  How many of you have encountered this experience? I have so many times.  Often, in times past, when l used to listen to the radio broadcast, while driving through a rain storm or even while driving through a tunnel, there was this huge pause or pulsating static that either made me turn down the volume of the radio or turn it off completely.  Oh, and let's not have our favorite song or radio show fizzle out during the best parts; what an awkward experience altogether.  I laugh at the thought of it now, of course, not then.

Let's revisit this scenario and see it in a different light.  When there is accurate frequency, tuning into the station's broadcast becomes engaging and a good outcome:  We get to hear what is played or said in clarity.

I use these situations to describe our stance and spiritual posture of how we hear and tune into what God is doing and what He is saying to us.

In the beginning of Genesis 12,  we see that Abram heard  God and in hearing Him clearly, he received directions and instructions to leave his country to a place where God would show him.
As the scripture continues, we see that Abram, in obedience,  did just that.  Then, as we read on in the chapter, we see that the Lord appeared to Abram.  It was there that God gave a promise to him and his descendants the the land of Canaan that would be given to them.

Abram listened as God commanded him.  He tuned into what God was saying and instructing him to do.  God's promises manifested in Abrams life and his descendants because of his posture and his obedience in executing what God had downloaded in him.  Of course, there could have been a lot of room for speculation, but Abram moved out with vision and clear insight from God.  

I remember hearing and saying the idiom, "They're just not on my frequency."  Sometimes, static
from the other party happens when forms of distractions hinder an even flow of information.
Have you ever attempted to give instructions or directions, only to return to the conversation to find out that the person was distracted and could not get the full message?

Sometimes, it will take us to intentionally STOP, listen, and directly tune into what Holy Spirit is sharing with us so that we can get a fresh download and his instructions.  Could it be that there are many distractions that cause static in receiving the message?  Could it be that we tune-out and turn down the volume of what is being said because other things seemingly take precedence in our day?

It was in Genesis 12:4 that Abram implemented what he had been instructed to do, that God ultimately blessed him and his family.  His name was changed from Abram to Abraham and he became the Father of many nations!  

Prayer for today:
Heavenly Father, I thank you that you are omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent.  Help me to remember that I must posture myself to hear and listen to what Holy Spirit is speaking to me.  Help me to serve you in humility and to listen in obedience and implement what you are instructing me to do in my daily devotional time with you. Thank you Lord for your grace as I carry out your instructions. These things I ask believing that I will receive it now, in Jesus Name. Amen.

Copyright Carmela E. Head 2022

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