Cain\'s Children: Watch Them Dogs!

Cain’s Children: Watch Them Dogs!
By Glenn Thomas Walter, M.C.Ed, PhD
The enemy’s old trick employed against Cain in Genesis 4:8 is still effective. The adversary takes our sensory perceptions and turns them against us, making us envious of others.
When Cain observed his brother Abel and saw how God was blessing him, Cain became furious that God had the audacity to bless Abel and not him. Cain knew what was required to have God’s blessing, but Cain did not do what God instructed him to do through his father’s teachings – which were inspired by the instruction of the Holy Ghost. Today we might think: How dare God to bless someone else with a husband or wife, a house, a great career, and not me. How dare God bless others, we think to ourselves. It should be me that receives a magnitude of abundance. The more you think about their abundance, the easier it becomes to feel contempt. 
When an individual is determined to take a course of action, it is difficult to dissuade them from doing it. Before Cain decisively struck Abel, his resolve to physically harm was unwavering. Cain was determined to wound Abel fatally, but he needed opportunity. All premeditative plans require opportunity before they come to fruition. After Cain formulated a plan of action, only occasion precluded him from acting. When that opportunity availed itself, Cain became a conspirator to perform evil. Isn’t it interesting that God forewarned Cain of impending calamity before his insidious act of murder? In Genesis 4, The Lord said to Cain, “Why are you angry? Why is your face downcast? If you do what is right, will you not be accepted? But if you do not do what is right, sin [calamity] is crouching [waiting] at your door…”
Have you ever considered why Cain’s offering was disallowed? One might ponder: that perhaps Cain’s offering was rejected because of its inferior quality? In the Levitical Law, God required “first-fruits” in grain offerings and animal as well (Leviticus 2:14). Therefore, Cain’s offering was not rejected because of quality or type (vegetation).
Henry M. Morris, the author of The Genesis Record, explains Cain’s offertory rejection as a matter of attitude and faith:
“The Bible does not actually say specifically whether God had commanded such sacrifices or whether the practice arose merely as a spontaneous expression of thanksgiving and worship.  At any rate, his heart was not right before the Lord, and his offering was not in faith as was his brother’s. Therefore, God rejected his gift.”
The Creator’s punishment was swift! There is no scriptural evidence that Cain repented after he murdered his brother. Incredibly, the Word of God does not record an occasion where Cain asked for forgiveness! Cain demonstrates no remorse for murdering his brother. Cain’s only concern is for himself: “My punishment is more than I can bear” (Genesis 4:10-13).
Rev. Dr. B. W. Smith preached about envious Cain-like folks in a famous sermon entitled: “Watch Them Dogs!”  Therefore, be watchful, give thanks, and resist envy!

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