Keep Each Chapter Sepárate

Keep Each Chapter Separate!
By Glenn Thomas Walter, M.C.Ed, PhD

How a leader views God ultimately determines personal theology. It is critically important that you not only be healed, but that you are also delivered! Being healed removes the pain. In other words, you are no longer hurting. However, being delivered means you can effectively function in your ministry without hurting others due to your past experiences. Some of the most painfully deconstructive experiences in my life have helped me to minister to others without inadvertently inflicting emotional harm.   
Nothing is more dangerous than a skilled and angry religious person doing damage in the name of God, nothing! Lovingly, God’s Word encourages the physician to “Heal thyself” (Luke 4:23). This is an appropriate, analogous admonishment to anyone, but especially to Servant-Leaders who are endeavoring to help heal others. The making of a Servant-Leader is an amalgamation of success, failure, triumph, tragedy, fear, and faith. Our lives consist of a colorful cast of interesting characters who play a role in shaping and sculpting our lives. Each person was assigned to a specific chapter for a limited time only. Don’t allow a blessing meant only for chapter one of your life to become a burden in another chapter. Everything, even people, must be kept in its intended chapter. If not, it will become an unnecessary burden.

Unfortunately, we have a propensity for dragging people from their God-assigned chapter through the entire life book! If someone is intended to help you in chapter three of your life book, please leave them in chapter three. Do not assume that someone who blessed you in chapter three is meant for chapter four.

What was a blessing in chapter three might become a burden in chapter four. In other words, your best friend in high school might not necessarily be friendly after you graduate. Your dorm roommate in college was great for college. That friendship worked in the college chapter of your life book. However, after you make partner in the firm, your college roommate could quickly become a distracting liability due to envy. It is critically important that people remain in their relevant chapters. Don’t allow an asset from one chapter to become a toxic distraction in a different chapter.

The making of a Servant-Leader is a delicate process that involves shaping the human psyche. All experiences, good, bad, and ugly, serve to prepare you for the work whereunto you were called. These various experiences and personalities are equivalent to God’s scaffold. Construction workers use scaffold to erect or deconstruct a structure. Once, however, the builders have completed the tasks, all scaffold is removed. Like scaffold, every human interaction helps build your servant leadership brand. If you are still under construction, it is because the Master Builder is not finished with making a dynamic Servant-Leader!

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