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Just Add Water
by Carmela Head on December 27th, 2023
Type your new text here. By Pastor Carmela E. HeadIn junior high school and in high school, I participated in basketball, track, and field. For those who have done the same, I know that you can relate to the vigorous practices and the weekly games. For basketball, the sound of the whistle inaugurated the commencement of a new game. The ball was tossed into the air for a jump shot, and we were off!...  Read More
Releasing The Light That Shines Within: A Reflection of God’s Glory
by Carmela Head on October 28th, 2023
Written by Pastor Carmela E. HeadThere is something about the breaking of day.  The most anticipated welcoming of the day; that all perpetual beautiful sunrise.  It does not matter where you live or where you are, we all get to wake up to an incomparable beam of light that radiates and warms everything it touches.Light opens the way.  It illuminates.  Candles, lanterns, lamps all have one thing in...  Read More
The Emergence of Hope in a Continual Flow
by Carmela Head on November 4th, 2021
Written by Pastor Carmela E. Head, The Renewal CenterThe woman at the well. The Widow of Zerephath with the empty jars.  What in the world do these two women in scripture have in common?  How could there be any parallel between the two? They were centuries apart in biblical times; however, they experienced the same miraculous overflow of God’s provision.  One woman, at the deepest level of her sou...  Read More
Refine & Fine-Tune: Every Instrument's Desire!
by Carmela Head on October 7th, 2021
What happens in preparation and behind the scene is often overlooked.   Read More