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The Renewal Center is a welcoming place of hospitality, introspection, reflection and “weakness-and-strength” in motion.  The unique experience of being a part of Renewal Center is the emphasis of sonship in Christ expressed and experienced through community and compassion.  Let’s show a glimpse of what a more beautiful world could look like-a glimpse of love in action—a glimpse of God.

If you are in the Concord/Charlotte area or passing through, stop by our café and have some tea or a coffee on us; enter our thought room to read, study and contemplate; recline in the art/voice room to ignite your creative ingenuity and engage the action room to activate ideation through conversation and creative spaces.  

If you are not in the area, join us virtually in a GLOCAL (global + local) way, within Digital Discipleship, send us a direct message or email our Digital Renewal team at  for information on our culture and context.  

Our Digital Discipleship is like a virtual-hybrid “contemplative Sunday.” That basically means that instead of singing, at times we sit and meditate, which is usually accompanied by music, a reading, a silent prayer, a still moment. We are encouraged to offer hospitality by welcoming every part of ourselves to the moment. All of our weaknesses, along with our strengths; the dark places, along with the light; our sorrows and our joys. In the midst of this welcome, we envision and engage one another as “beloved,” as “Renewers,” a reminder that we were all made in image and after the likeness of I AM.

Stay tuned 2021!!

Be Renewed,
Patrick J. Brown, M.A.
Executive Director, Renewal Culture & Context

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