What is Passion: Do U Got it? By Glenn Thomas Walter, M.C.Ed, PhD

What is Passion: Do U Got it?
By Glenn Thomas Walter, M.C.Ed, PhD
Got passion? That’s the question of the day. Endeavoring to work in the mastery of excellence without passion is an exercise in futility. Unfortunately, passion is not an academic philosophy acquired while reading a blog. 
Passion can be described as an intense and driving conviction; perhaps, more accurately, passion is best described as an ardent and driving affection. Passion is the one ingredient that all great achievers have in the substratum of their souls. We are accustomed to quickly securing material items through purchasing. Passion, however, is not sold in stores – nope. It is not sold on eBay or Amazon. Your mom did not endow you with it during natural birth. Either passion permeates in your soul, or it doesn’t. So, “Do U Got It?”

Passion is the first cousin of excellence, and they usually work together. Like the wonder twins when activated, the two are often indistinguishable but work together. Excellence is relentless. Excellence has the ingredients that everyone loves to sample. It is the standard trademark for the “favored of God.” Excellence twin has an inexhaustible and insatiable desire to refine and improve whatever you’re involved in. It emanates from your deepest inner-being. In other words, you may envision a goal through faith, but the passion twin says, “Go get it!”

Passion energizes your thinking. Passion incentivizes your reasoning. It endlessly expands the parameters of your God-given creativity. Passion is the constant faculty member of your soul that never ceases to remind you of God’s purpose. It is a controlled positive ferocity that stands at the ready, waiting to conquer the next assignment. Passion texts purpose and says: “I am ready to help you accomplish whatever God downloads in your heart.” Excellence joins the chatroom and says, “I promise to execute every endeavor with unrivaled quality.”
I have reached a point where I don’t expect people to comprehend my need for continual improvement. There are times, I must admit, that I don’t completely understand my annoyance with averageness. At this juncture of my life, it is challenging for me to sit comfortably at the table of mediocrity. Truthfully, casually talking about goals are no longer unacceptable. It time to stop dreaming and talking…we need to start planning!

God’s people must put forth their best effort. And, why shouldn’t we? After all, the world puts forth its best effort in every industry. I dare you to make a daily habit of utilizing best practices! Stop dragging in the rear and take your rightful place in the front. You are a remarkable, brilliant, indomitable survivor. It is time to reveal your brand of determination and distinction. Start practicing the best Christological approach to everything you do. You don’t need to manifest perfection. You must, however, generate a passion for improvement. Envision the impossible, Touch the intangible. Speak the unbelievable. Then, pray for the passion that will empower you to fulfill God’s purpose for your life. So, Do U Got Passion?

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